State of  Rajasthan

3 Adoption
5(c) Agreement
5(bbbb) Agreement / Power of Development
5(bbb) Agreement of Loan
21(ii) Agreement to Sale with Possession
5(bb) Agreement to Sale without Possession
21(iii) Amalgamation order by high court
11 Amendment in Articles of Association of a Company
10 Article of Association of a Company
13 Award
14 Bond
16 Cancellation Deed
17 Certificate of Sale
18 Certificate or other document
20 Composition-deed
21(i) Consent Deed for mining lease
22 Copy of Document
23 Counter Part / Duplicate
25 Custom Bond
5(e) Developer Agreement
43 Dissolution of Partnership
27 Divorce Deed
29 Exchange Deed
29 Exchange Deed (Agriculture US-48 RTA)
30(a) Further charge with possession
30(b) Further charge without possession
31 Gift Deed
31 Gift Deed (Close Relations as per notification 154 dated 9 Mar 2011)
32 Indemnity Bond
33(a)(i) Lease Deed (less than 1 year)
33(a)(i) Lease Deed (less than 20 year)
33 Lease Deed (more than equal to 20 years)
33(a)(ii) Lease Deed [Rent] (< 20 Years) Commercial and Others
33(a)(ii) Lease Deed [Rent] (< 20 Years) Residential
33(c)(ii) Lease Deed for Local Bodies (Patta)
36 Memorandum of association of a Company
33(c)(ii) Mining Lease
00 Miscellaneous Documents
6(2) Mortgage Deed by servants of registered institution for housing loan
6(2) Mortgage Deed Government Servant
6(2) Mortgage Deed of Housing Loan from Bank/Corporation
37(a) Mortgage Deed with possession
37(b) Mortgage Deed without possession
6(2) Mortgage for Agriculture purpose
6(2) Mortgage for Housing loan in LIG
6(2) Mortgage for Non-Agriculture Purpose from Bank and Any Financial Institution
21 (ii) Movable Property
40 Note or Memorandum
42 Partition (Ancestral) (max 10,000)
42 Partition Deed (Above 50,000)
42 Partition Deed of Ancestral Agriculture Land
43 Partnership Deed
44(e) Power of Attorney (Consideration)
44(a) Power of Attorney (Special)
44(ee)(ii) Power of Attorney for Sale Of Immovable Property (Other than Blood)
44(ee)(ii) Power of Attorney General (other than blood) for Transfer of Immovable Property except Sale
44(ee)(i) Power of Attorney General (within Blood)
47 Re-Conveyance of Mortgage by Government in case of house loan
47 Re-conveyance of Mortgaged Property
48(a) Release Deed (Ancestral) in 6 close relation
48(b) Release Deed (Non Ancestral)
21(i) RIICO Sick Unit (Industrial)
21 Sale Deed (Conveyance Deed)
21(i) Sale Deed for Female / 40% and above Disable (Conveyance Deed)
50 Security Bond
51 Settlement
51 Settlement (In favour of family members)
52 Share Warrant
24 Supplementary Deed / Correction Deed
54(a) Surrender of Lease
55 Transfer of Lease by way of assignment
55 Transfer of Mining Lease
56(a) Trust Deed
56(b) Trust Revocation
58 Works Contract
List of Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd (SHCIL) Branches
Branch Branch Address
LAJPAT NAGAR SHCIL Lajpat Nagar , 38-A, Lajpat Nagar, Scheme No.2, Alwar 301001
AJMER I Sub Registrar Office Gugraghati Ajmer 305001
BANI PARK SHCIL - Extension Counter, Collectorate Campus, Jaipur 302001
BHILWARA SHCIL - Extension Counter ,Registration and Stamps Collectarate Bhilwara 311001
BIKANER 1st floor Opp DRM office , Chugh Mansion Bikaner 334001
CHITRAKOOT SHCIL Office Chitrakoot , Jaipur 531011
CHOPASANI ROAD SHCIL Gulab Bhawan, 1st Floor Near cariya Buliding Chopasani Road 342003
CHURCH ROAD SHCIL , 213, Sangam tower 2nd floor Church Road Opp M I Road Jaipur 302001
DAULAT BAUG 711/4 2nd floor, Adjoining K C Complex Opp Daulat Baug Ajmer 305001
HANUMANGARH Sub Registrar Office Hanumangarh Junction 335512
JALORI GATE Sub Registrar Office Akbari Bhawan Paota Choraha, Jalori Gate Jodhpur 324003
KARNI NAGAR Sub Registrar Office Karni Nagar Bikaner 334001
KOTA II SHCIL Kota, 344, Mewara Plaza, Rawathhata, Gumanpura Road, Shopping Centre, Kota 324007
MALVIYANAGAR 300A , 2nd floor JSE Building JLN Marg Maliviynagar Jaipur 302017
PALI Sub Registrar Office Collectecte Campus Pali
RAMBAGH SHCIL Extension Counter, Rambaug JDA Jaipur 302015
SANGANER I Sub Registrar Office-1, IDS Tower, Nagar Nigam Road, Sanganer, Jaipur 302029
UDAIPUR Sub Registrar Office-1, Hazareshwar Colony, Near Court Choraya, Udaipur 313001
UDAIPUR I SHCIL Udaipur, 101 Anand Plaza University Road , Near Ayad Bridge 313001
List of Central Bank of India Branches
Branch Branch Address
Bharatpur Central Bank of India, Bharatpur, Rajasthan-321001
Bikaner Central Bank of India, Kem Road, Bikaner, Rajasthan-334001
Udaipur Central Bank of India, Delhi Gate, Udaipur, Rajasthan-313001
Rajasthan Central Bank of India, Abhay Chambers, ChopasaniI Road, Jalori Gate, Rajasthan-324001
Jaipur Central Bank of India, R.H.B Jyoti Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan-302005
Kota Central Bank of India, Arya Samaj Road, Kota, Rajasthan-324006
Rajasthan Central Bank of India, DR Nandlal Marg, Purani Mandi, Rajasthan-305001
Rajasthan Central Bank of India, Sansar Chandra Road, Rajasthan-302001
Rajasthan Central Bank of India, Tonk Road, Rajasthan-302018
No. Name Designation Address
1 Sh.Subhash Garg Principal Secretary,(Finance) Secretariat Jaipur
2 Sh.Praveen Gupta Secretary,Finance(Revenue) Secretariat Jaipur
3 Sh.Aditya Pareek Joint Secretary (Tax) Secretariat Jaipur
4 Sh. Apoorv Joshi Dy.Secretary (Tax) Secretariat Jaipur
5 Sh. Laxmi Narayan Soni Inspector General Kar Bhawan Ajmer
6 Ms.Renu Jaipal Additional Inspector General Kar Bhawan Ajmer
7 Shri Jagmohan Meena Additional Inspector General VITTA Bhawan Jaipur
  DIGR,  Ajmer Kar Bhawan, Ajmer
  Sub-Registrar  Ajmer I Ajmer I (Jaipur Road)
  Sub-Registrar  Ajmer II Ajmer II (Jaipur Road)
  DIGR,  Jaipur Collectorate,Banipark, Jaipur
  Sub Registrar, Jaipur I  Jaipur I (J.L.N.Marg)
  Sub Registrar, Jaipur II  Jaipur II (Collectrect)
  Sub Registrar, Jaipur III  Jaipur III (Jhotwara)
  Sub Registrar, Jaipur IV  Jaipur IV (Collectrect Campus)
  Sub Registrar, Jaipur V  Jaipur V (Nagar Nigam)
  Sub Registrar, Jaipur VI  Jaipur VI (Chougan Staudium)
  Sub Registrar, Jaipur VII  Jaipur VII (Chitrakoot)
  Sub Registrar, Jaipur VIII  Jaipur VIII (Mansoarover)
  Sub Registrar, Sanganer I  Sanganer I (Nagar Nigam Road)
  Sub Registrar, Sanganer II  Sanganer II (Tehsil Campus)
  Sub Registrar, Amer  Amer
  DIGR, Bikaner Lalgarh Palace, Bikaner
  Sub Registrar, Bikaner I Bikaner I (Lalgarh Palace Gandi Nagar)
  Sub Registrar, Bikaner II Bikaner II(Lalgarh Palace Gandi Nagar)
  DIGR, Udaipur Hazarishwar Colony, Udaipur
  Sub Registrar, Udaipur I Udaipur I (Bhatt ji ki bari)
  Sub Registrar, Udaipur II Udaipur II (Near court circle)
  DIGR, Kota Collectorate campus
  Sub Registrar, Kota I Kota I (Collectrect Campus)
  Sub Registrar, Kota II Kota II (DIG Building)
  DIGR, Bharatpur Sub-Registrar office, Bharatpur
  Sub Registrar, Bharatpur Bharatpur
  DIGR, Jodhpur Collectorate campus
  Sub Registrar, Jodhpur I Jodhpur I (Collectrect Campus)
  Sub Registrar, Jodhpur II Jodhpur II (Collectrect Campus)
  Sub Registrar, Jodhpur III Jodhpur III (Collectrect Campus)
  Sub Registrar, Jodhpur IV Jodhpur IV (Pawta B. road)
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